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Sampson Farms maintains it's own peat mine under full permit by the State of Minnesota, including environmental studies and a complete reclamation guarantee.

Our peat is reed sedge peat exhibiting a very high fiber content. The addition of our peat into soil mixtures will slow water movement through the soil and reduce the bulk density of heavy soils. These attributes are ideal for bulk distribution in golf course construction and the nursery industry.

American Peat Technologies (AMPT) has located their pelletizing manufacturing facility on the Sampson Farms bog. AMPT manufactures small bead size pellets comprised of Sampson Farms peat along with other additives for the inoculant industry. Inoculants are used to enhance the germination of soybeans, corn and other crops. The peat is vacuumed from the bog or bulk scraped after a lengthy process of preconditioning to eliminate roots, sticks and other debris.

Sampson Farms peat soils are blended with sand mixtures to hold valuable moisture and nutrients, add a valuable growing medium and still maintain proper drainage. Golf course constructors have been using sand and peat soil mixtures for years and have met the stringent USGA specifications for golf course sub soils.

Nurseries use peat soil to maintain proper pH levels, to provide proper exchange capacity, and to give the advantage of disease control in the soil.

The Sampson Farms agronomist will work with you to meet your specific client's specifications.

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